Business Development

We carry out market and state-of-the-art assessments to offer tailored-made solutions that fit your resources and goals.

We take care of all the relevant details, from fundraising to training.

We are professionals skilled in the generation and development of business for companies, with extensive expertise and knowledge of key tools such as technological innovation, process improvement, detection of opportunities and exploring strategies and synergies. We always start from the capabilities and DNA of each business, without limitations regarding the size of the company or its competitive sector.

Business development is often confused with marketing, advertising or directly with sales services, fields that we also know and put at the service of our clients when they are necessary in the final stages prior to commercialization or as a reinforcement.

From our vision, business development implies multidisciplinary management for the generation, development, definition and improvement of products and services, aimed at reinforcing and guaranteeing the success of their commercialization. That is why our motto is from the IDEA to the MARKET.

After more than 20 years in prestigious marketing, business development and competitive intelligence departments and the essential departments of research, product development and innovation, the founders of COMET have acquired a vision of the best actions to take to ensure success.

Through rigorous analysis and studies, we identify and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the company’s own environment. In this way, we recognize the markets with high potential that have not yet been exploited, the synergies with other unexplored industrial sectors and all means at our own and external disposal for the development of new products, services and opportunities that lead to business growth.

At COMET we rely on competitive intelligence as an essential and faithful resource for business development: a structured, legal and ethical process designed to transform all data into the most useful information for decision-making.

Business development must always go hand in hand with innovation, not only technological innovation, but also innovation that involves updating and improving processes. The rapid and constant evolution of technology should not neglect its social impact and ethical connotations it entails. These factors must be considered and evolve in the business organization, in accordance with the business objectives to obtain the best results.

Throughout its life, any company will need investments to be able to grow and materialize its development and technological innovation projects. As proven experts, at COMET we also collaborate in the search of public funding sources in all areas: local, regional, state, European and other international mechanisms; conducting an exhaustive analysis of the type of financing and the channels available to obtain them.