Innovation Projects Management

From the digitization of a small training academy to a grand consortium research project.

At COMET, we help any project come true by applying user-centered design to guarantee the best possible market entry.

Specialized personnel is needed to address the specific challenges within R + D + I projects, independently of their scope and sector. Usually, these projects carry a high degree of uncertainty, with variable and unpredictable results that must be managed on the spot. Although the ambiguity diminishes as the project approaches its commercialization, the market must be considered through fundamental research to guarantee its success. That is COMET’s central aim.

The outcome of a research project might be that the object of study is useless. Still, the knowledge and experience gained from the research could provide a whole series of intangible results that could be of great use for the company. These findings might be beneficial even if they are different from the original goal. Given our experience, we know how to manage the difficult task of profiting from this type of eventualities.

Massive research projects require the formation of consortia that groups diverse entities such as universities, SMEs, NGOs, research centers, large companies, or governmental organizations. Moreover, these consortia are often international, multidisciplinary, multicultural, and may even include competing companies within the same sector.

With clear objectives and expectations, each entity has its own reasons and interests for participating and investing in a research project. Within these organizations, every person involved has their own motivations and abilities to influence the project. All entities act as partners and take consensual decisions. Added to the uncertainty and risks of the project itself are those of each participating entity. For this reason, it is a highly demanding mission to align the interests of the consortium, secure the results, and reach exploitation agreements.

Fundraising is another stumbling block in research projects. R + D + I can be financed directly (e.g. subsidies) or indirectly (e.g. tax deductions) by public funds. Regardless of their nature, obtaining and justifying these funds requires highly specialized administrative and bureaucratic knowledge.

In all respects, at COMET we have vast experience managing R+ D + I projects. As a result, we can help companies and other institutions reach their objectives, obtain funds, and identify new opportunities that may arise during a project’s development. From the very beginning, we consider the exploitation and commercialization of the results so that the transition from research to the market is as smooth, efficient, and safe as possible.

Consequently, we gather various professionals experienced in R + D + I to make up a resourceful and multidisciplinary team. We approach projects following the philosophy of user-centered design. Our specialists and researchers in usability, UX, ethics of technology, and commercial experts with over 20 years of experience in the field of R + D + I manage these essential practices to guarantee success.