Technical Developments and Studies

We implement studies in usability, user experience (UX), technology ethics, and software developments.

Also, we keep records of the entire process, from our work and from your team, to make it easier for you to obtain tax deductions.

At COMET, we develop studies of usability, user experience, and technology ethics. These transversal disciplines can adapt to any product or service of any technical area. For this reason, a multidisciplinary approach and a team like ours are essential.

Usability applies to any object that can be used, either tangible or intangible. There are plenty of examples where usability has been the main success factor for a product to advance its competition, even when its features were inferior to those of its competitors.

It is pointless to have a technically capable product that nobody knows of or wants to use.

Among other benefits, usability helps develop efficient, safe, attractive and easy to use and to maintain products.  As a result, improving usability and user experience (UX) greatly influences a company’s image and sales.

Our broad view of usability lines up with our ethical and interdisciplinary approach. We do not limit our studies to the end buyer’s satisfaction. Above all, we consider the perspective of the users who will interact with the product during its life-cycle; such as those who will have to sell it, those who will have to maintain or repair it, those who will have to deal with its waste, and even those who will have to overcome the resistance to change for the product to be adopted.

Making usable products is an engineering and research task. Therefore, product development shouldn’t rely only on an expert’s advice or by following best practices, because they vary depending on each case, and are constantly evolving with the rest of the world. Likewise, the insights from methodology and science are fundamental in creating highly usable products that provide a pleasant user experience. Additionally, user centered design (UCD) -a design philosophy that helps generating products that meet user’s specific needs- enables usability and in doing so achieves users’ satisfaction. This is reflected on users’ product and brand perceptions that are greatly improved and can generate, and commitment to carry out fair developments to ethically benefit increasingly technologically mediated societies.

With expertise, we can incorporate UCD into your projects. Whichever practices and project management you follow, we can help you take care of usability in each phase of your product’s development and during its whole life-cycle. Furthermore, we can integrate UCD at a strategic level or perform specific usability and UX studies for your company. Following these principles, at COMET we also deliver technical developments that require software, web applications, sites, and interfaces.

While technology traces the limits of what we can do, ethics delimitate what we should do. Human values should be an inbuilt factor for technological innovation and development processes. Overall, companies have the ethical obligation to serve social interests.

To this end, COMET offers ethical consulting services to ensure good practices for your company’s internal management, labor relations, social responsibility, and commitment to carry out fair developments to ethically benefit more and more technologically mediated societies. Also, we can add value to your company’s image, beyond corporate social responsibility, with our extensive experience in compliance with current legal regulations, action guidelines, and customized development studies.

The research and innovation studies and developments we conduct at COMET may be subject to tax deductions. So, we prepare the reports to ease this task and guide you on how to correctly document the work we develop together with your team.