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Multidisciplinary team of experts, our talent

Our success is based on the experience we accumulate

About Us

Our team is made up of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the technological, engineering, social, economic-financial, commercial and administrative-legal fields.

We have highly qualified experts in their areas of knowledge, and we encourage collaborative work to share valuable contributions, such as ideas, talents and skills that allow us to continue growing.

Our levels of demand are maximum, and our know-how is based on the experience we accumulate in the execution of each of the multiple projects, both internal and those we manage for our clients.

Global Technological Development

We develop your idea and transform it into a business


Innovative Solutions

We are constantly evolving and growing

What do we do

Many companies carry out innovative work and sometimes they can discard projects because they are too complex. This represents a great loss of opportunity.

At Comet we can help you, regardless of the scope of the project and its characteristics.

From the digitization of a small training academy to a large consortium industrial research project.

We carry out an objective assessment of the project and study its feasibility to create tailor-made solutions based on the objectives and available resources and we take care, if necessary, of fundraising and training.

We document the entire administrative-tax, technical and management process to facilitate obtaining tax deductions.

We are passionate about our work

Always motivated to discover your story and your project

How do we do it

Connected to the world

Our success is based on the experience we accumulate

Our principles

We work focused on promoting technological projects to make a more sustainable and equal world.

We are oriented to the permanent improvement of our management in the execution of R+D+i projects.

We are interested in people, because a connected society brings us closer and reduces inequalities.