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R+D+i project manager

Job definition

R+D+i project manager, administrative, organizational, justifying and economic management of public and private projects, with implicit aid to the projects in the form of a total or partial subsidy of the different types: local, regional, state , European, etc


You will need to do:

  • The administrative and financial follow-up of the projects as well as their justification, guaranteeing compliance with the regulations for each specific case.
  • The corresponding budgets prior to the execution of the projects and the initial express administrative tasks and subsequent to the request of the projects.
  • Complementary tasks of communication, social networks and marketing in R+D+i projects.
  • Relationship and interaction with the different partners, entities and companies of the projects.


A university degree is required, preferably economics or business administration, and a higher level of English and experience in the development of R+D+i projects and in the management of public aid for this type of project.

It will be valued:

  • Experience in writing proposals for R+D+i projects and any other knowledge in the area of ​​Research, or knowledge of the UNE 166000 standard, tax deductions, and both national and European technical regulations for the management, administration and justification of R&D projects.
  • Knowledge of the different calls for aid for R+D+i from the different administrations, local, state and European.

Is offered

Training and career plan subscribed to this position, excellent working conditions, high remuneration + incentives according to the experience provided.