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CircThread ½-day events

In the project context, a series of events have been designed and transformed into what CircThread calls 1/2-day events. These events intend to make all CircThread tools and information available to the public, companies, and stakeholders to keep appliances in the economic loop longer.

Aarhus University organise the first event together with CLEAN Cluster and TECH Circle.

Why a Circular Economy workshop for companies?

The European Union’s Circular Economy Action Plan underlines the imperative transition from a linear to a circular economic model, which is essential for economic growth and resource depletion resilience. As the Circular Economy remains a relatively emerging concept, navigating its complexities presents business challenges.

Hence, there is a need to provide industries and businesses in Denmark and Europe with up-to-date information on the latest developments in the Digital Product Passport, Standardisation, and Product Design within the Circular Economy.

What will we find at this event?

The event will include three parallel workshops by industry experts, allowing attendees to participate actively.

In addition, two speakers from Danish industries will share their success stories on circularity and sustainability. The event concludes with a networking session with free drinks.

Keynote talks and network session will available only to in-person attendees!

Danish benchmark industries

Danish Industry Foundation

Anders Ziegler Kusk heads the Sustainable Production Programme of the Foundation of Danish Industry. Anders’ – and the Foundation’s – philanthropic mission is to build bridges between sustainability, circularity, and competitiveness in the Danish SME sector by mobilising knowledge, innovation, and skills and developing new initiatives to help companies convert and adopt new circular business models. Anders has experience in government and as a consultant in sustainability, innovation policy, research, and education.


Dr. Anita Friis Sommer is the Director of Sustainable Operations at the LEGO Group and leads the way toward zero-impact operations. Dr Sommer will discuss her department’s new approach to reducing carbon footprint, waste generation, and water consumption.

Insights to share

  • The approach taken to make Operations more sustainable, such as enabling collaboration, rapid learning loops, and adaptive working methods.
  • The role of new technologies in achieving zero impact: green energy, machine learning, automation, etc.
  • Organising for sustainability: ensuring centralised guidance and framework while enabling local factory teams to implement, learn and scale up.
  • The role of sustainability KPIs: process-based vs. value-based measures and how to guide sustainable behaviours.
  • Building employee awareness and engagement through campaigns; various ways to contribute and achieve change.

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Remember that this is a face-to-face event (although you can attend online from 10 to 11:30 CET).

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