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3rd General Assembly of SolDAC in Messina, Sicily

On 29 February and 1 March, the 3rd SolDAC General Assembly took place in Messina.
We had the opportunity to continue working together and discussing the best way to bring SolDAC closer to society.

Day 1

First, LOMARTOV presented its Milestone 9, a presentation by Mihaela Mirea on a first overview of SolDAC’s social involvement.

Edgar Contreras from LOMARTOV then explained the status of WP6 and provided guidance and validation for the triple pillar of sustainability.
Isabella Cavalcante (UEDIN), Paul Wright, Harpreet Kaur (UDTAN), and Valeria Palomba (CNR-ITAE) explained WP3, which deals with DAC.

IREC (Sebastian Murcia) explained the progress of the photoelectric conversion stack developed in WP4.
The last WP of the day was WP7, where COMET explained the communication part and EIM the exploitation part. They emphasized the key Exploitable Results and established bilateral meetings between those responsible for each WP’s exploitable results.
To end the day, CNR-ITAE showed us its laboratories, where we learned about the work in SolDAC and many other projects.

Day 2

After the first intense day, we started the second and last day by explaining WP2, led by Daniel Chemisana (UdL). We could check the state of the full solar spectrum system with photos and explanations.
In WP5, led by COMET, the best way to integrate the three systems (DAC, PEC, and FSS) to be carried out this year was discussed.
To conclude the presentations, Gisela Soley (COMET) explained that WP1 is dedicated to management and coordination.

Finally, we could continue the visit to the CNR-ITAE facilities and finish the tour of the laboratories.

We thank CNR-ITAE for hosting us at their headquarters and showing us their researchers’ fantastic work!

We are still working on SolDAC and hope to see you in person soon at upcoming events and General Assemblies!