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GRETA: Empowering Sustainable Decision-Making in Manufacturing

In the ever-changing landscape of the manufacturing sector, sustainability is increasingly becoming a necessity. That is why SUPSI has developed GRETA: an advanced web application designed to revolutionize the way companies navigate the complexities of sustainability. With a comprehensive array of features and functionalities, GRETA empowers users to make strategic decisions with confidence, driving positive environmental impact and fostering long-term success.

What sets GRETA apart from existing tools?

Let’s delve into its features and functionalities to understand its transformative potential.

GRETA stands at the forefront of sustainability assessment, offering four distinct evaluation methodologies: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA), and Circular Economy (CE). Whether it is analysing products, processes, machines, entire production lines or companies, GRETA provides complete information for each type of assessment subjects.

One of its key features is the real-time comparison capability: unlike existing tools, which can take minutes to generate comparisons, GRETA provides instant insights, allowing users to make almost immediate decisions. This real-time feedback loop is invaluable in today’s production environment, where every second counts because everything changes so fast.

Adaptability is crucial in today’s dynamic production landscape and GRETA faces the challenge with good integration capabilities: through intuitive connections with real production environments via remote services (including Internet of Things, middleware, REST services, etc.), GRETA bridges the gap between data analysis and useful information. In addition, GRETA’s compatibility with legacy systems such as ERP and external platforms ensures a smooth transition, safeguarding data confidentiality and integrity.

As for users who are new to sustainability concepts or lack specialist knowledge, there is no problem because GRETA, unlike existing tools that may require users to have sustainability expertise, is designed to be accessible for everyone. In fact, GRETA’s team is also pushing on further innovative aspects by providing AI-based advisory functionalities. Currently under development, this innovative capability promises to improve decision-making taking advantage of artificial intelligence power. By leveraging on machine learning approaches, AI-based advisory capabilities will provide users personalized recommendations, enabling proactive strategies that drive sustainability. With GRETA’s AI-driven guidance, companies can address complex challenges with greater clarity, unlocking new opportunities for growth and impact.

Furthermore, GRETA supports eco-design initiatives by enabling users to incorporate sustainability considerations into the product development process from the very beginning.

Who can benefit from GRETA?

The answer is simple: everyone involved in the production ecosystem. From sustainability experts tasked with modelling complex processes to producers seeking to optimise their practices, GRETA offers a tailor-made solution for every need.

For sustainability experts, GRETA simplifies the modelling process, allowing them to easily define product alternatives and customisation possibilities. Leveraging existing modelling tools, experts can delve into the complexities of each life cycle phase, paving the way for informed decision-making.

Meanwhile, manufacturers and designers can leverage GRETA to evaluate their products and processes from a sustainability perspective. Whether evaluating raw materials, energy use, or transport logistics, GRETA provides the insights needed to promote meaningful change.

In conclusion, GRETA is not just a tool, it is a strategically for companies committed to sustainability and excellence. With its robust assessment methodologies, seamless integration capabilities and upcoming AI-based advisory function, GRETA enables users to make informed decisions promoting a brighter and more sustainable future. In a world where environmental awareness is no longer a choice but a necessity, GRETA can accompany us towards a future where sustainability and circularity become an increasingly integral part of our daily lives.

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