Unique Materials for Advanced Aerospace Applications

UMA3 aims to create an international centre of excellence to strengthen the position of UNIMI-FMSE (Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering) in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary, by enhancing the scientific excellence, the knowledge and the technological degree of the innovation potential applied to Unique Materials in Advanced Aerospace Applications.

About UMA3

Specific objectives and technological applications

UMA3 aims at creating an international excellence centre to reinforce the UNIMI-FMSE (Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering) position in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county and Hungary by enhancing the scientific excellence, knowledge, and technology degree of innovation potential for Unique Materials for Advanced Aerospace Applications. The challenge addressed is to use the twinning instrument, i.e., excellence centre, as a trigger to enhance the competitiveness of regional and national SMEs and large companies in the aerospace sector by creating a value chain of knowledge of research entities in the scope of Powder Metallurgy, additive manufacturing, PVD (nano)coatings, and fully 3D investigations.

Project's main objectives

Tools & Methods

The concept of an integrated knowledge centre (Excellent Centre for Advanced Materials, ECAM) in UMA3, is based on the creation of a value chain of knowledge of research entities in the scope of Powder Metallurgy, additive manufacturing, PVD (nano)coatings, and fully 3D investigations.

The UMA3 members join forces to develop new material systems and create new solutions, whilst utilizing their competencies (knowledge, human resources, infrastructures) and cooperate in a synergistic manner. The multi-step process of the project (from theoretical elaboration and experimental engineering to computational modelling) will remarkably contribute to the existing know-how, as well as to the concept-driven, market-based innovation and scientific & research progress.

The knowledge transfer between partners is realized on each topic, led by an internationally recognized researcher. The implementation of UMA3 is linked to the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) for Advanced Vehicle and Machine Engineering Technologies and Intelligent Technologies for Research and Development of Special Materials at county level.


  • Strengthen the UNIMI-FMSE research excellence in advanced aerospace materials solutions.
  • Improve the transfer of knowledge between Academia and Industry by establishing a long-term collaboration strategy and sustainable network of partners.
  • Enhance the promotion and preparation of highly trained and skilled young/early stage researchers and engineers in the aeronautical sector.
  • Inspire the R&I activity of UNIMI-FMSE, project partners and Borsod – Abaúj – Zemplén county and North Hungary region.
  • Enhance the mobility of both early stage and experienced researchers within the UMA3 network.
  • Support research and innovation priorities in synergy with the RIS3 strategies.
  • Strengthen the research management and administration profile of UNIMI-FMSE Boost the research profile of UNIMI-FMSE and UMA3 partners


  • Improve the research excellence of UniMi-FMSE in the field of advanced materials for the aerospace industry.
  • Increase the reputation, attractiveness and networking channels of UniMi-FMSE.
  • Increase the capability of UniMi-FMSE to compete successfully for national, EU and internationally competitive research funding.
  • Improve the expected potential impact of the twinning exercise in UniMi-FMSE and North Hungary based on expected future publications in peer reviewed journals, collaboration agreements with businesses, intellectual property, new innovative products or services.
Miskolc University Campus - Hungary
Scheme of development of the UMA3 project