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Ajuntament de Sant Cugat and Women in Geothermal, fourth interview of the series with Anna Mundet

Ajuntament de Sant Cugat (AJSC) has brought one of the demonstration sites to the Geofit project: Els Pins Vallès School. Some years ago, Ajuntament de Sant Cugat defined the goal of becoming a ‘Smart City’ and this is why it strengthens its focus on innovation based on public-private partnerships, with a strong commitment to testing and deploying forward-thinking solutions, together with private companies. The city has broad experience in successful implementation of full-scale pilots in the city of the winning solutions, in order to evaluate the impact and to lead to broader implementation. 

Anna Mundet has been a key figure in the succesful implementation of the Geofit system at Els Pins Vallès school in Sant Cugat. She is technical engineer in industrial chemistry and works in the Municipal Building Maintenance Department, in the Urban Quality and Mobility Management Area. She defines herself as a person who loves learning new technologies and doing different things at work. She explains her experience in Geofit and the most interesting aspects of working with geothermal technologies.

‘…after working in geothermal technologies research and innovation, this is my first geothermal installation… it is interesting to know the performance of this new system and see if it can be implemented in other public buildings… and what’s more important is that these enhanced geothermal systems can be implemented in existing buildings…’