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we asked a middle-aged person about… renewable energy generation and storage in buildings

When it comes to establishing a citizen energy community, everyone counts. We want the EU Neon Project to be a project by and for everyone. Also, for middle-aged people. That’s why we want to ask them what renewable energy generation and storage in buildings means to them.

Regarding generation

I am thinking of solar panels, which is the most popular and well-known right now. There are also other building-integrated elements that can generate photovoltaic energy. There is also wind energy, but I don’t know what state it is in to be implemented (urban or rural environments). I am aware of the existence of geothermal energy, but I think it is easier to implement once it is going to be built and more costly and difficult once the building is already in place.”

Regarding storage

I know you can store it in bricks and windows, but, today, I think the most common is a battery. There are possibilities and research to use it in other devices. But I understand that a battery, an accumulator, allows you to store when you don’t have energy available in real time.”