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REACT – 2nd Workshop Lesvos

We recently gathered in Lesvos for the Second REACT Workshop. It was held from the 25th to the 27th, in Lesvos as one of the follower islands. It was organized by organized by our colleagues from the University of the Aegean, Prof. Stergios Vakalis and Prof. Dias Haralambopoulos. 

Day 1

During the first day of the workshop we had the opportunity to listen during the Technical Session – “Upscaling the REACT solution” about the advances made in the project. During the moring session, the partners discussed the ongoing research of Work Package 7 and the collaborations that have been developed in this framework. On the second part of the technical session, to Dr. Francisco Javier Díez (Tekniker) presented the REACT App and provided interesting insights to the consortium but also to the representatives of the local HEDNO of Chios Island. Prof. Haralambopoulos summed the technical session and provided closing remarks of the technical meeting. These remarks led to interesting conversations between the partners. 

As a final event of the first day, the participants enjoyed a Guest lecture (via Zoom) by Prof. Dimitrios Zafirakis from the University of West Attica about “Energy storage solutions for the support of the green energy transition of islands”. Professor Zafirakis held an exciting presentation about the Tilos project and the role of hydropower on the green energy transition. 


On the second day of the workshop was mainly focused on meeting the representatives from local authorities and the representatives from HEDNO, the DSO/ TSO of Greece, in order to explain to them as well the aim of the REACT project. In addition, a thorough conversation between the REACT partners and the representatives of the local authorities highlighted the different needs and views of the Greek insular communities. Prof. Vakalis introduced the case of Lesvos island, followed by  Prof. Polatidis who presented the case of Gotland island. Then it was the turn of Prof. Grodin to present the case of La Réunion island and Ms. Cathy Ní Ghóill, who talked about the experiences from the Inis Mor installations. Invited academic participants presented green energy project about islands not included in REACT. Prof. Spilanis presented the “Serifos island project”, and Dr. Andreas Dimou presented the case of the project “Ai – Stratis/ Green island”.

During the second part of the meeting, local and national representatives talked about their views and experiences. Ms. Kallia Milioreli represented the Municipality of West Lesvos and presented the Thermopolis geothermal project. Mr. Georgios Dimaris, Vice – Mayor of Limnos Island highlighted his support for the green energy project and the role of renewable energy Installations In the North Aegean Region.  Dr. Mouflouzellis represented the Management Organization Unit of Development Programs (MOU SA) and highlighted the willingness of the regional authority of North Aegean to support the development of green energy systems and Infrastructure on all the North Aegean Islands. Mr. Konstantinos Kalampakas represented the Intermunicipal Enterprise for Waste Management and Environmental Development of Lesvos (DEDAPAL A.E.) and highlighted the Interconnection between green energy and sustainable waste management projects.

The day continued with a very stimulating lecture by Dr. Bharath Varsh Rao with the title: ” Grab a warm cozy cup of Grid Supporting Energy Communities. Free refills!!”. Dr. Bharath Varsh Rao explained the concept of frequency control and presented a very interesting case of a Grid Supporting Energy Community. The day was finalized In the Laboratory of Energy Management, where Prof. Vakalis made a presentation of the instruments and the process that take place in the Laboratory. Finally, Dr. Andreas Dimou presented the technical installations of the project “Ai – Stratis/ Green island”.

Day 3

On the last day of the Workshop the participants visited the local power plant that belongs to the Public Power Company (PPC/ DEI). Lesvos is a non-interconnected island and the majority of the power comes from diesel powered engines. The Workshop participants ha the opportunity to walk around the plant and observe the operation of the diesel engines. Afterwards, the plant operators showed to the Workshop participants the Control Room and explained the power production and distribution works on the island of Lesvos. It should be mentioned that the local power plant is also responsible for the operation and for the integration of renewables on the island. 

It was a very productive meeting with interesting interactions and the generation of new ideas on scaling up the REACT solution.