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Meet the Wright Research Group involved in SolDAC project! 

Paul A. Wright is Professor of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews. Since he joined the faculty, he has had a thriving group, which is reflected by a wide range of publications. 

The research carried out in the group concerns the rational design of novel solids for use as shape-selective sorbents and catalysts. Materials of interest include microporous zeolites, aluminophosphates, aluminophosphonates, inorganic-organic hybrids and mesoporous silicas. Additional functionality may be conferred on these materials by introducing modifications to, for example, the pore walls, the addition of metal cations or by the incorporation of organic moieties (such as enzymes or metal complexes) into the framework/pores during or after synthesis. Catalytic and sorption properties can then be studied and evaluated. The research topics of individual members of the group can be accessed via the Group members page

In this interview, Prof. Paul A. Wright explains one of the main challenges faced within SolDAC project: “…we have to capture CO2 molecules from the air, selectively, in the presence of water and other molecules, and this is effectively picking one in 2000 molecules… with materials which are relatively inexpensive to prepare through sustainable routes…”.