We get involved in the creative process and manage the technical, administrative, and commercial aspects required to bring forth our clients’ ideas and achieve the best market launch of their products and services.

To this end, we combine professionals from various fields, such as ICT, industrial and civil engineering, psychology, law, marketing, and communications, to form a multidisciplinary team.

Innovation Projects Management

From the digitization of a small training academy to a grand consortium research project. At COMET, we help any project come true by applying user-centered design to guarantee the best possible market entr

Technical Developments and Studies

We implement studies in usability, user experience (UX), technology ethics, and software developments. Also, we keep records of the entire process, from our work and from your team, to make it easier for you to obtain tax deductions.

Business Development

We carry out market and state-of-the-art assessments to offer tailored-made solutions that fit your resources and goals. We take care of all the relevant details, from fundraising to training.

Communication and Advertising

We include an advertising agency specialized in mass media. The companies that trust us to develop their projects reach the most competitive offers to accomplish their advertising campaigns.


We are thoroughly committed to accompanying our clients from the idea to the market. Besides supporting companies in obtaining research and development projects, we also cooperate as partners. On a technical level, we focus on the creation of energy communities, behavior analysis, logistics, usability, persona-computer interaction, and persona-robot interaction. Currently, we are involved in twelve EU projects. Find below the links to the ones that have an active website.

We can help you

Innovation is not only bound for the big companies nor is it far away from the market. Obliviously, many companies carry through innovative work unaware of it or discard projects that seem excessively complex.

This represents a loss of great opportunities, inadaptability to new market conditions, or giving up tax advantages from R + D + I. At COMET we can help you regardless of the scope of your project. Contact us.

Esto supone una gran pérdida de oportunidad, incapacidad para adaptarse a las nuevas condiciones del mercado y renunciar a las ventajas fiscales por I+D+i. En Comet podemos ayudarte independientemente del alcance de tu proyecto. Contacta con nosotros.