Smart Geothermal Systems

Geofit improves geothermal systems for the energy retrofitting of existing buildings. We develop a methodology that makes the installation cost-effective, easy to install and capable of providing efficient low-temperature heating and high-temperature cooling by using the most advanced and innovative tools and methods.

About Geofit

Project's main objectives

The innovation project Geofit is developing a holistic and novel approach to geothermal retrofitting, which is cost-competitive, easy to install, and capable of providing efficient low-temperature heating & high-temperature cooling by using the most innovative tools and methods.

Geofit as a whole offers many significant advantages that take geothermal systems to the next level, such as large energy savings, integration into a single system for both cooling and heating, free environmental energy, high energy efficiency, long-lasting system and very low maintenance.

Specific objectives and technological applications

Tools & Methods

Develop a complete set of geothermal retrofitting project management toolchains in the different areas:

  • Retrofitting operations and integrated management framework (IDDS)
  • ICT Tools for ground research and worksite monitoring
  • BIM enabled methods and tools for geothermal based retrofitting


Develop technology components and techniques for easy to install and economical enhanced geothermal systems:

  • Improved and Innovative Drilling Technologies
  • Use of Novel Ground Heat Exchangers (GHEX)
  • Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
  • Innovative Heating and Cooling solutions

Demand Response and Energy Management

Enable the full utilization of the enhanced geothermal system (EGS) in retrofitted buildings by unlocking flexibility services via the implementation of ICT based control systems and Building energy management systems (BEMS).


To demonstrate the Geofit’s EGS, technologies and tools, and deploy Geofit’s IDDS framework into the retrofitting operations in 5 pilot buildings, 4 different climate zones, 5 building uses and 3 different retrofitting scenarios.

  • Urban retrofitting
  • Retrofitting with rock drilling scenario
  • Seismic retrofitting in historical buildings

Scalability and Replication

To use project activities as a vehicle to attain the maximum post-project uptake of the GEOFIT project foreground and its impact on the widest possible audience of EU workers and contractors, construction professionals and the general public.

Drip system the first two trenches of the Italian pilot to evaluate different boundary conditions
Vertical drilling equipment during the drilling of the first well in the Sant Cugat pilot
Slinky heat exchangers and fiber optic cable monitoring installed in the Italian pilot