Enhanced Hybrid Storage Systems

Hybris is a new generation of battery-based hybrid storage solutions for smarter, sustainable and more energy efficient grids and behind-the-meter systems. The novel hybrid energy storage system is based on the battery hybridization of lithium titanate and aqueous organic redox flow batteries.


Specific objectives and technological applications

The novel Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) developed by our project is based on the battery hybridization by twinning at system level of two of the best energy storage technologies available: Lithium Titanate (LiTO), a high power density component, and Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries (AORFB), a high energy density component. These two technologies are coupled with the development of a breakthrough Battery Management System, Novel Power Electronics and an advanced Power Management System which is fully integrated with Energy Management Systems (EMS) and grid systems.

Project's main objectives

Tools & Methods

Energy Storage Systems have typically provided two basic services: power and energy. Up until recently, power applications were more cost-effective and these needs were being covered by more conventional battery technologies, like lead-acid and Li-ion. However, with the pressing need to integrate renewable energy resources into electrical grids, these battery technologies have shown to have limited design flexibility to customize the amount of power and energy capacity and have limited ability to decouple power from energy due to the operational characteristics of the technology and system architecture. The hybrid energy storage system developed in Hybris combines and uses several battery technologies to provide both energy and power intensive responses.


  • HESS Core Concept and Battery Technologies
Combination of high power and fast response performant lithium ion battery based on LiTO and an Aqueous Organic Redox Flow batteries is proposed, free of metals.
  • Advanced Battery Management System and Power Electronics
Diagnostic & prognostic solution for HESS health management supporting improved maintenance and optimal operation of the combination of both batteries.
  • Hybridisation: Optimal Sizing and System Integration
It includes the power management system and the optimal sizing and validation by Hardware-In-the-Loop based Digital Twin.
  • High Level Control Integration and Use Case Application
An innovative, cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) to optimize how it handles bids and assets.


  • Increased competitiveness of electrical energy storage by balancing power needs with energy needs.
  • Providing a more efficient system with a longer and better performing lifespan with a Round-Trip Efficiency (RTE) above 90% for LiTO and above 75% for ORFB, and expected lifetime above 12 years.
  • Optimizing balance-of-plant and installation costs with a reduction of 15-40 % in CAPEX and 20-40 % in OPEX.
  • Replication potential validated via in 3 pilot sites.
Italian pilot: local residential energy community integrated in an island network
Kemiwatt Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Battery Module
Toshiba High Power Density Lithium Titanate Battery