HyCool IT


HYCOOL-IT will develop a new set of replicable and cost-effective solutions for a better understanding of the challenges in thermal management of IT Server Rooms. . This includes increased open knowledge regarding Digital Twin methodological and ICT solutions focused on the tertiary buildings, ready to be replicated in the most common specific use cases across EU. From the point of view of technical equipment, the project also aims at a first-class modular adsorption solution to recover and valorize excess heat.

About HyCool IT

Project's main objectives

The objective of HYCOOL-IT is to develop a set of processes supported by innovative solutions, both digital and technical, for an efficient and reliable development of IT server rooms in advanced tertiary buildings managed by universities or other institutions or entities with similar structures, whose The purpose is to provide services to the public, companies and different groups or organizations of interest.

Specific objectives and technological applications


This project will pay special attention to its replicability through standardization and will develop a highly optimized adsorption chiller integrated into a highly innovative frame, thus creating a compact, autonomous and cost-effective system.

The project will pursue the development of an ICT ecosystem and orchestration software solutions for the evaluation of software interoperability among the potential results expected at TRL3 level.

The TRL3 level in this research will demonstrate that the implementation of IoT and other smart elements contribute to building the HYCOOL-IT ecosystem. In turn this contributes to promote data-driven decisions in tertiary buildings among decision-makers, building administrators, and other stakeholders.

Technological applications

The needs for new innovative solutions will be considered to properly implement hybrid cooling systems through the recovery of waste heat produced by computer rooms located in tertiary buildings.

This will include the use of the new components, like the plugin rack integrated adsorption chillers.

The implementation of IoT ecosystems and its orchestration through different tools and functions, should be economically viable and environmentally sustainable, since it introduces very low environmental costs (both operational and embedded) resulting from the waste heat valorisation (to produce cooling or to integrated in the heating services networks).

HYCOOL-IT will integrate a new design that will provide solutions that will improve the thermal management of energy consumption in buildings that need to increase their server rooms, and will maintain precision cooling of the equipment to be able to operate the computers throughout their useful life.

Hycool IT Methodology
Hycool IT Methodology
POLIMI pilot
POLIMI pilot