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Best paper award for the EG-ICE Conference 2022 won by our colleagues at BIM4Ren

Congratulations to Jyrki Oraskari, Oliver Schulz, Jacob Beetz from RWTH Aachen University and Jeroen Werbrouck from Ghent University on the paper “Enabling Federated Interoperable Issue Management in a Building and Construction Sector” that has been awarded as the best paper for the EG-ICE Conference 2022.

The paper deals with a Common Data Environment (CDE) that is an agreed-upon source of information on building-related projects to collect, manage, and exchange data between stakeholders. The approach in the AEC domain is to use buildingSMART’s BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) as the digital issue communication part of CDEs. Contrasting with the federated nature of the AEC industry, CDEs are typically organised in a centralised fashion. This work proposes a potential transition of BCF into a distributed environment that serves as an example for further developments in the distribution of CDEs and CDE independent data management. We show how a single source of truth over the project data and the advantages of the central approach can be realised in a distributed setup using a Solid architecture environment, enabling decentralised authentication and stakeholders’ ability to control their data.

The work was funded by the Research Foundation Flanders #FWO and the H2020 project #BIM4Ren. You can find the paper on ResearchGate or in the proceedings of the conference and also in our “Publications & Results” section.