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HyCool Last General Assembly in Barcelona – Final Results for Industrial Solar Cooling

The Hycool Project 9th General Assembly held in Barcelona, Spain, celebrated between 19th and 20th October 2022, brought the consortium together to show the results coming from the preliminary tests after the commissioning stages at Givaudan and Bo de Debò demo-sites. VEOLIA was in charge to arrange the meeting at their premises in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

The objective of the Assembly was to review and update the project progress after the 8th General Assembly in Halle, Germany, and to discuss about the final delivery of the project results, after the commissioning stage, with the eyes looking at the official closing of the project under the EU monitoring who will receive and review the success of this action.

Tthe systems installed in Givaudan and Bo de Debò pilots are now providing data from the tests which are running in the solar fields, the heat storage systems and from the hybrid cooling machines.

The assembly sessions covered during the first day focused on the status of the different work packages and their level of compliance according to the work plan, extended and modified for the COVID_19 pandemic effects.

HyCool Meeting, 9th General Assembly – Consortium at work presenting the final results

This final meeting nevertheless has been the starting point to finalise the different open points regarding the evaluation of the key performance indicators to evaluate the benefits for the industry when using this renewable source of energy. At the same time, the end users Givaudan and Bo de Debò had the opportunity to explain their expectations about the HyCool technology installed and the further profits and the energy savings when the systems are totally operating.

IDP also presented the Virtual Reality environment and the Intelligent Training system developed and applied to the Ecotherm solar system in Givaudan demo-site. These demonstrations followed to the one performed in COMET within the Workshop on “REPRESENTATIVE OPERATIONAL AND MAINTENANCE ACTIONS OF THE DEMO SITES FACILITIES” held on the 11th of October 2022.

Virtual Reality tools evaluated during the General Assembly

Other topics discussed were focused on the final reports, deliverables and open tasks that must submitted to the European Commission. There were also planned the final review meeting to be held with the supervision of the Project Officer and that is planned to be performed in Barcelona again, with the aim that the European Commission Representative can see in person the HyCool installations.

HyCool Project is closing on 31st October 2022 but the final reporting process is extended until December 2022. Now is time to demonstrate how efficient and profitable is the HyCool and thermo-solar energy for the industry, being a pioneering technology for the industrial sector enabling the green energy transition between 2030 and 2050.