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Meet CNR-ITAE and challenges faced!

The Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies (ITAE) was established in Messina in 1980 by the National Council of Research (CNR), the main Italian research public organization. ITAE has long experience in environmentally friendly production, storage and use of energy, and has been contributing to development and penetration of technologies related to energy saving, low polluting energy production, renewable energy sources, hydrogen and fuel cells in Italy and Europe since the early 80’s.

In this interview, Valeria Palomba explains CNR-ITAE main role within the project, challenges faced and what they expect to achieve in the mid-term.

In the context of SolDAC project, “…For SolDAC project, we are involved in the water harvesting design and manufacturing, which is the first stage for the direct air capture unit… Research is mostly devoted for materials for CO2 adsorption to capture the humidity from the air as it has never been explored before…”