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We asked an elderly about… renewable energy generation and storage in buildings

When forming a citizen energy community, we must consider that there can be a heterogeneous group of users. Among them are the elderly people. They are generally interested in convenient and cheap forms of energy. Sometimes they are overwhelmed by the whole energy market and new technologies.

We want Neon Project EU to be a project by and for everyone, and we know that sometimes it is difficult for the elderly to understand technical concepts. That’s why we have tested it again.

A senior was asked to explain in his own words what he understands by “renewable energy generation and storage in buildings,” and this is the result.

What it suggests to me are solar panels and batteries. There is also wind and geothermal energy, but it is more complicated and expensive. The problem with batteries is the price and the amount you must have to make them profitable“.

We ask: If energy management was through an APP or the web, would you use it?

Yes, of course. And if I had to learn something new, I would do it too. I consider myself old, but I am eager to learn and to save. What is clear is that everything must be simplified so that everyone can understand and use it“.