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Hypergryd Solutions interviews. Sorption Technology

CNR ITAE is part of the Italian National Research Council. Research focuses on energy technologies related to the storage, utilisation, and conversion of thermal and electrical energy, the integration of renewable energies into energy systems, and hydrogen production, storage, and utilisation.

Valeria Palomba graduated in Materials Engineering at the University of Messina in 2013. She completed her Ph.D. in a collaboration between the University of Messina and CNR-ITAE in Chemical and Materials Engineering in 2017. He is currently working as a researcher at CNR-ITAE in Messina. His scientific activity focuses on modeling and realisation of innovative sorption technologies for thermal energy storage and conversion. He has published more than 50 printed papers.

Sorption Technologies (SORTEC) develops, manufactures, and sells sorption chillers. It is also involved in R&D projects on advanced applications of sorption technology, such as heat and cold storage, dehumidification, and desalination. The company has its headquarters in Freiburg (Germany), an R&D and sales centre in Rovereto (Italy) and a production plant in Zywiec (Poland).

Gabriele Penello is a project manager and business consultant. During his master’s degree in energy engineering with specialisation in energy efficiency and renewable energies at the University of Padua, he studied at the German University of Duisburg-Essen. During these years of experience in Germany, he developed a specific technical, commercial, and business knowledge of thermal chillers, particularly adsorption chillers, particularly with adsorption technologies such as silica gel and zeolite, with refrigerant R718, water.

Gabriele: “District Heating with low temperature…we can charge and discharge the storage to provide low temperature in the cooling or middle temperature in the warmer side”.

Valeria: “A prototipe in a living lab that allows us to have a flexible number of scenarios for testing that can be representative of different real cases situation…”.

We invite you to discover with us, in this video, the challenges and impacts of the sorption technologies for Hypergryd!