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4th Hypergryd GA in Stockholm

On April 20th and 21st, the General Assembly of the Hypergryd Project took place in Stockholm.

It has been two intense days since we shared the project progresses, some challenges that may lead to delays in some activities, and we successfully closed some of the problems.

Now that we finalized the strategic framework for integrating energy systems in DHC, all the tasks related to the technologies for smart hybrid grids are ongoing and active.

The ICT modules and simulation tools continue to progress, and we expect to complete, in the coming months, the exgoeconomic optimization tool’s coding and functions’ implementation. Regarding the development of demand response, prediction, and optimization methods, further activities will be carried out in the Live in Lab at Sonneplatz using the KTH database (establishing a trading algorithm based on real-time data). In the coming months, we also expect to be able to prepare the hardware and software configuration for possible on-site testing at the Kezo Live in Lab. Regarding integrating the new digital twins and upgrading the simulation environment and the overall tool (Grid Singularity Exchange), once we complete the testing, the source code and research on the digital twin of district heating is continuing. The next step in developing the energy network modeling tool is identifying and modeling technologies that couple electrical and thermal networks.

The digital twin platform as a service should be ready by May 2024. Work is now underway to carry out all the integration of the tools. There is still much work on the platform to reach the user access and manual.

Regarding the work of Exploitation of the results, we will be carrying out an online workshop with the presentation of the partners and work on patents and business models without forgetting the knowledge protection measures. Work continues on the definition of key exploitable results.

We initiate the activities related to sisters’ project clustering and those projects associated with DHC.

And, of course, from the project communication and dissemination work package, we will continue working to make known the work done in Hypergryd and expand the results.

We keep working together!